The Third and Fourth Calamities

The Third Calamity-the empty forge

After The Elves left, the Dwarves returned to their holes. Abandoning their cities and their forges, they dug ever deeper in the search for new veins of Aether Stone. No one knows what they found because they were never heard from again. No one who went to explore their homes never returned, after awhile they stopped trying, Then they stopped caring. All they knew was there was no one one left to work the Aetheric Rune Forges so no new Aether gear could be made.

The Fourth Calamity- The coming of the Negamagi.

Centuries passed after the Dwarves left. Man forgot what it was to be. Those in the crumbling cities slowly turned savage while those that had fled to the great mountain flourished. Deep in one of the overgrown cities, an Aethermagi (whose name is stricken from all record) found an unusual phenomena. The places that the Aether came from were filled with another magic, a negative energy. She studied this new power in hopes of bringing back the old days. The Aethermagi and her disciples attempted to solidify this power and got their life force sucked into these negative spaces. This negative energy pushed out sought a new home…the bodies of the stricken Magi. They stood up, themselves…but reborn into forms stuck between life and death. The three of them Christened themselves Negamagi and began to subjugate the savage ruin dwellers.

The Second Calamity

 Broken Heart

Within Every major city lies a massive Aether Stone called a Heartstone. This building sized depository of magic pulses with energy and sends it flowing through the city. This eldritch energy powered street lights, heating, and allowed for smaller stone charging. The quaking of prior events had caused a deep flaw to run through the center of the Elven Heartstone. The fear of running out of magic caused the citizens to charge more stones. This panicked drawing of energy caused the Heartstone to crack along its flaw. With a brittle snap heard through the city the Heartstone disgorged its contents, the unstable magic warped everything it touched. Most of the Elven race twisted and mutated into hundreds of monstrous forms, their souls the only thing more monstrous than their new bodies. These creatures tore across the aligned realms leaving swathes of destruction in their wake. Eventually this horde was stopped by an alliance of Dwarves, Men, and the remaining pure Elves. Broken into tribes and scattered across the lands. In the aftermath, the tallied loss of life, and remaining Aether Stones was disheartening. What remained of the Elves wandered into the far wilderness to atone for their mystic gluttony never to be heard from again.

Aether Tales

Long ago the ancient races discovered a source of mystic energy flowing from the ground. They found a way to draw forth this power and condense it into physical form. The force of their will compressed it into shimmering crystals called Aether Stones.

Those who possessed the will to work the magic into stones were called Aethermagi. Working together they used the stones to power weapons, armor, vehicles, and even entire massive cities. Elven Aethermagi grew theirs from giant trees they called Worldtrees, the Dwarves mined theirs in a solid form called Aetherium that ran in rich veins deep in the ground. Humans pulled theirs from all around.

As their cities grew so did the demand for Aether Stones. They created huge stockpiles of the precious stone in vaults and warehouses. Little did they suspect that the Aether Stones had a finite supply.

A young Aethermagi -remembered only as Nex- woke in the small hours of the morning in the cold sweat of terror. During the night a ghostly being called an ephemera had invaded his dreams and showed him five calamities that will befall the three races if they kept drawing the power from the world at this rate. Five calamities would occur, with the fifth spelling doom for their civilization. Nex immediately recorded his visions and began to verify what he had seen. After weeks of research, he came to the chilling conclusion that the first of the great calamities would , in fact, come true. He presented this research and was laughed out of the Aether Guildhall. He spoke in the streets to those that would listen and was pelted with rotten fruit for his troubles. He ran away and hid in an old tower. The next day the First Calamity began.

The First Calamity- Magic depletion.

With a loud moaning sound that was heard around the world for a full day, the last of the world’s magic was sucked into a crystal. Then, the world shuddered with massive quakes, vented a sighing gasp of lava, and was still and ominously silent. This lasted three days, three days and the last magic in the world was held within the Aether Stones.