Collaborative world building


I read a post this morning about collaborative world building. In case you don’t know, this is a process in which all the players help provide details and guidelines for the Roleplaying Game they are going to participate in. Things like the concept, history, geography, technology,magic, and etc.  In this the GM acts (as usual) like an arbitrator or chairperson holding final decision.

It’s a neat idea, if you have a good group of people who have ideas and can compromise. Otherwise a worldbuilding session could easily go down in flames. I could even see it devolving into personal feuds and group dissolution.

However, a world building random flowchart could work. Dice driven, with idea inspiring semi vague results. For example; you roll a one on the history chart (plague- roll for cause) you roll a two (magical). This gives you the idea of an event but still leaves a few questions for you to answer. Things like; who caused the plague? What kind of magic? what did the plague do?

Just some thoughts I had. What games, supplements, or books do you know of that have really great collaborative world building rules in them? I would like to check them out. Also I have another blog site and I am torn between which to use as my main site. Do I switch or stay here?   This is the other site I would use. Rolpuncture  Which do you prefer? answer in the comments.

Almost the end of June? Whaaaaaat?


Man, I am terrible at updating this space. I am going to try to commit to writing on this site once a month (minimum) from now on. So with june coming to a close let’s wrap it up. Schools out (yay!) and still at my job (boo!). Going to be doing something different at my job (yay!) Going to the dentist tuesday to have teeth removed (boo!). Then have partial dentures put in (ehhh?). Joining a D&D game at the local comic shop (anxious). Going into work at midnight to count fruits and veggies (bleh!) Got an awesome stormtrooper figure for father’s day  (yay!)

Personally doing okay. I can’t really relax during the summer and enjoy it until after the fourth of july (Grocery and Independence Day are like black friday in other retail spaces) So until that is over my “summer” doesn’t really begin. Then the perceived summer stretches out until a local festival occurs at the end of September. For me anyway, Grape Jamboree ends the summer; even though the kids have gone back to school by then. Then my favorite month begins. October how I love thee!

Okay so I will see you next month (or sooner) for more updates or thoughts.

I like games

I really like games, all sorts of games. Boardgames, card games, wargames, roleplaying games, video games, and on and on. Now I may be particular to the kind of each of these games I like, to certain systems for certain genres, certain VG design companies, but I really do like games.

In my opinion, even a day spent playing a game I dislike is still time better spent than a day at my job. Unfortunately playing games doesn’t pay me. Just like an artist can’t eat exposure neither can I fill my belly with contentment.

So I trade my time at work for goods and services that are either necessary or allow me to enjoy life. The whole time just trudging through it to get to the good stuff, to live long enough to retire.

My workplace changed ownership recently. The new owners are very excited…very, excited. They expect everyone to be excited about working there also. I’m not. Not at all. The concept that I can be as good at my job as I am and not be excited about it blows their minds. The new owners left the old managers in charge still. The old managers never had a clue (or so they say) that I didn’t like/want/was not excited by my job. The concept that I am just there for a paycheck seems to be suddenly baffling everyone. This baffles me as I was under the impression that MOST Americans only went to work to make money. So now people I have worked with for almost two decades of my life are alien to me (and I to them I am sure). Sum of this? Adam feels more like an outsider than ever.

BUT. I still like games. Currently, I am into Frostgrave and Savage Worlds (by the way, check out their latest Kickstarter RIFTS ), and D&D .

Do you like games? Are you excited by your job?