This guy has a one in handgun-part deux

Almost six years ago…(damn I lost track of that one) I wrote a piece entitled “This guy has a one in handgun part one” Go ahead and read it, I think it’s a chuckle-worthy story. I meant to write a part two, which would actually explain the title. Either I forgot or lost heart in it.

The first part is longer than the second one will be, without further jabber…here is part two.

So player X opened his own FLGS (friendly local gaming store) which lasted a few years. It did well until  player X got a little too friendly with certain people and a little unfriendly with others…he generally got too involved with his customers personal lives. That is a different tale, all we need to know is that he owned a game store that had open gaming and that he ran and played games there. (Maybe in six more years I will tell that story)

So after many years of shallow ass characters, and after hearing about how awesome his new Cyberpunk 2020 character was going to be, I snapped. A little.

I launched into a diatribe of role versus roll playing. It was an epic (pg) rant about improv acting and table theater. Character building and story telling. He stood and stared from behind his counter. I spoke about how numbers aren’t the most important thing about your character. His eyes began to get that glassy far away look you see in dogs that have been bred too much. I spoke with fervor and with minimal breath, attempting to get something into his head beyond min-maxing numbers…to instill a small glimmer of character into his characters. I stopped, catching my breath and looked across the counter at him.

I was younger then, and still hopeful. Maybe a bit naive.

He opened his mouth, eyes confused by my tirade, (to this day I see it in slow motion) and spoke.

“That’s why this guy has a one in handgun.”

I left then, restraining myself from tossing him out of his own store.


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