The week that that was.

So a week has happened to me. Nothing much has been accomplished due to tiredness, a little depression, some of my time being wasted, and stress from the unknown.

My father rented his house. He asked for first month and security. Security has to be held in a separate account so he asked for two separate checks. The Security deposit check bounced resulting in an NSF fee. He had already let them move in. Weeks later and numerous attempts by my father to solve this I finally got a hold of one of the couple. He promised to make it right by yesterday. He no showed up… So now it is on to a notice to vacate.

My son is Autistic, so after years of dealing with it on our own we decided to file for SSI (social security supplemental income) I had my appointment on June second. We called this month (October) to see what our status was, whether we had been approved or not. Found out we had been approved in august…just nobody had bothered to tell us or to give us any funds. To get it started someone was supposed to call me back on Tuesday, they didn’t so at the end of their business day I called them, left a message. No call back by the same time Wednesday, call left message. No call same time Thursday, call left message. Friday we receive a letter saying we had been approved, to keep reporting my wages, and we have a new contact. So I call new contact…and leave message. Pffffwahhhh!


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