What happened to my clone?


So awhile back I posted about my theoretical retro clone. (search TRC on my site for various posts about that.) I did a skeleton of a system, a system overlay, if you would, for second edition D&D. I called it the Boneyard system and left it at that.

Recently I went back and decided to try to make it a filled out system, finished enough to sell. Maybe a PWYW title on Drivethru. Maybe restart designing games, I have another self-made system sketched out on a legal pad and a couple of setting ideas. Anyway, I began to work on it, adding stuff I like and changing what I didn’t.

Now it’s beginning to look less like a retro clone and more like its own thing. Which has me wondering at what point does a system cease being a retro clone? Is it a bad thing if I can’t even design a retro clone? Does it mean I hate those old systems, or that my brain can’t accept the flaws they had?

In the end, it doesn’t matter as long as it is cool and fun to play I suppose. I feel weirded out that I have begun fretting over these questions. I wanted to make a retro-clone, but is that what I truly have?


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