I don’t think I am important. At least not on the world stage. Or any stage. In fact, I am pretty sure I am important only to myself…I think that’s even debatable.

I don’t share things here because I am important. I really have been pondering this for awhile. Why do I write a blog? If I don’t want to feel important why bother? It is because I want to share with you. The assumed you, the mythical readers. I want to give you ideas, to show you something about myself that you may see familiarity in and thus find solace. I want to share to find common ground, to show why I feel the way I do. Understanding, that’s what I crave.

Why do I crave understanding so much? Because if we all understood each other I wouldn’t worry about being misunderstood. Worrying about that gives me anxiety, I have enough anxiety. Ultimately self-serving? Maybe, but it will also serve other-selves.


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