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Started working on a Dark Heresy scenario. This is a game I have run a couple of other times without much long running success. Previously I had run “The Edge of Darkness” the introductory scenario to completion, and one or two games on a different occasion.

I like this system well enough and it is planned to only be a few months, but it may be less than that. That’s  okay though because I am going to come up with ideas that are somewhat episodical. As my players read my blog all I will say is that it involves a spaceship.

Oh, what a fiasco it was to hunt down a ship schematic for the 40k universe. The stumbling block here seemed to be that the ships in Warhammer are like massive cities floating through space. Mobile hive worlds really. I ended up scratching out my own using some other pictures as a reference. I may make up my own random events chart for the ship as well.

One of the negatives to DH is that it is a mission oriented game. Meaning that your characters are sent on missions by an authority figure with an expectation to fulfill the objective in some sort of satisfactory manner. The fulfillment criteria can (and should) be flexible, but still, doing missions on someone else’s’ behalf gets old after awhile. So with this run I am going to use an Inquisitor with a somewhat looser hand which opens up all sorts of boundaries that the Warhammer 40K universe places on its self.

One of the exciting things for me is wondering what type of characters the players will make. I can make guesses based on player preferences but in the end I don’t know…especially with a game like DH.


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