Creative flow is all stopped up again. Try to think…can’t, frustration sets in. You can’t express what your problem is so you can’t ask for help without more frustration. Need to release, let it go, relax….unthink. I can feel it back in the hind brain, pressure building pushing, against my face.

Part of it is that I am idea mining in a non-linear way. Multi directional creating, causing more confusion. Necessary, however, to this process because it allows for multiple views on myriad thoughts.

Should I have lots of different roles to play, which would give a wide range of flavor but some may be less mechanically useful than others?  Should there only be a few mechanically intrinsic roles?

Maybe I should try to write some fiction about the idea, see what shakes out. Answer questions like; how much modern? How far future? what is magic? who does magic? Who fights, kills, and why?

Anyway, dogs washed. inaugural bike ride of the season had. Time for more coffee.


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