So I started a reading challenge this year, to read twenty four books. I am on Goodreads..check me out if you want.

Before I positive, lemme negative. Didn’t sleep well last night, mortality anxiety kept me awake. What else can I call it, sounds good. That started earlier yesterday at work, I saw a picture of an elephant standing in front of Mount Kilimanjaro and wondered if that elephant was still alive, if he had been ivory poached, or if he had died of old age. This made me think of  the old Babar books I read as a kid and how long ago it was that I sat and read them. Then my mind went to how when I die my memories of that and everything else will not be remembered anymore. This sort of inevitability thinking happens a lot and always leads to the onset of a panic attack. I fight it almost daily. So anyway, positivity below.

I started doing the reading challenge because I realized I don’t read anywhere near the same amount of books I used to. Also, while scraping off some of my mental stucco (as part of my construction), I realized I have let my learning stagnate. Worse than that, I have let it deteriorate. So, in addition to the reading challenge, I upped my vocabulary game by joining’s word of the day. Further plans involve finding a quick math course and relearning algebra, geometry, etc.

One of the books I am reading for the challenge is Stephen King’s  On Writing. So far it (and my wife) has made me realize that my grammar is rough and I need to up mah game on it as well. He also points out in it that not adhering to strict or “proper” grammar rules can be part of writing, but I should know those rules better, eh?

So as I approach my fortieth anniversary, I choose to learn.


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