You know that tense moment before you discover an awesome idea in your mind? I have that, all the time. Brain meats waiting, paused, lingering, on the verge of being used. It can be tiresome waiting for a THING to be birthable and birthed.

This year so far…pretty good. This is a vast improvement over last year, mind. I have a new Idea that might be my THING. I have put it on the back burner in my mind to simmer it down, sub my waking thoughts. It will most likely remain their until at least late summer (when it gets too hot to do anything else) but I am slave to when it gets regurgitated.

Today I put in our new bathroom flooring. I am pretty hyped about it. Despite whatever bumps and lumps come I am insistent that this be a good experience. This is important to me because it sets the tone for the rest of my home repair projects to come.

I know it has been awhile since I put words here, but I have been under heavy personal construction. Truth being I still am, as are most people, but I have regained enough focus to re-emerge. I have been working on making sure my mind is unstuck, mental fluidity is the key to emotional stability. I have no choice but to age, I can however choose how I age.

I hope to post more frequently in the near future.


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