And another thing

As I write this it is 5 pm on New Years Eve, and I have started drinking. Almost a year ago I wrote about some goals for this year, so won’t it be jolly fun to review those? Here they are below.

  • New eating plan- goal being to lose my food addiction
  • Meeting new people to hopefully…
  • get new friends
  • More gaming
  • Stop being so jaded from being burned by people
  • Getting things DONE

They they are, aren’t they lovely? I shall address them in the order they are written.

1) Started a low carb thing that has my weight down 20 lbs and under control, even through the holidays. Yay there, progress to be made.

2) met a couple of new people, went to Origins Game Fair, went to local geek expo, was social-ish.

3) Met a new potential friend, lost old friend to a long distance move, lost potential friend to… a difference of opinion over… the ALS Ice bucket challenge?….His overwhelming negative view of things? Really not sure how/why that went that way. All I know is that I was never angry, he just unfriended and stopped coming to game nights. Anyway I am at a net minus one for gamers.

4) Amount of gaming is the same. Less players.

5) After number three I am not any more jaded than I was before surprisingly, unsurprisingly I feel no less burned.

6) getting things done….yeah I finished somethings last year…

Honestly all I want for this year is more fun times to be had. More friends not less, more gaming both RPG and boardgame. Can I please,Please,Please  find a few more gamers who are just…. I don’t know what to say here….fun? Easy going?

I may have to go to online gaming in the future.

See you all on the flip side of the year.


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