End of year thing

The last part of this year has pretty much sucked balls. Pet deaths, Stupid arguments, friends leaving, and just more and more clouding of my vision. I am exhausted. I am exhausted by the shit I read online. I lack the magic formula to achieve anything it seems sometimes. So this year can go fuck itself in it’s own dickhole.

Great games could have had a great year but they didn’t thanks to some pedantic colostomy bags. Fuck them, and fuck you if you were part of that.

I try to be hopeful every year about this time, saying next year will be better…even trying to be optimistic wears me out any more.

I am tired of politics and politicians, civil rights violators and those that defend them.

Tired of people who swallowed their own kool-aid and now choke on the jagged edge of their hubris. That have become that which they swore they would never be.

Fuck the rest of this shit.

Have a god damn good holiday, whatever you believe. Have a great new year, Take some time off and get your head straight. Get that shit together, work on a new outlook…new perspective. Do that, then get back to me in the new year. Hopefully I can.


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