A Farewell to Games

This is a tribute to Charles. A gamer who gamed his last (with us, relax nobody died…yet). Charles has been a stalwart friend, a trusted work ally and all around superior human being. He has met and exceeded my expectations in all of these regards.

He was always there to help with rides, to watch my dogs and house while I was away, to talk to….there really is too much to say about him, so I will sum up with…He had my back.

In less then two weeks he will be relocating to another state, where he will meet new people and game with them (hopefully). I can only hope they realize and appreciate his greatness. A new measure of gamer to hold people against.

We will be left to attempt to carry on, to keep the flag flying and the fort free in his absence. We must live on with a Charles shaped hole in our games, in our lives.

So raise a glass all you champions of dice, you slayers of imaginary beasts. Toast good fortune, good health, and long life to a fellow story weaver as he embarks upon a true adventure.

To Charles should he read these words… Remember what is best in life.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo9buo9Mtos


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