Apatheism and me

For awhile now I have declared myself Agnostic on the religious front. Even going so far as to call myself militantly Agnostic, based on a bumper sticker I saw (I don’t know and neither do you!) that I thought was pointedly funny. When I would explain why I was Agnostic I always felt a little awkward, like it was a an oval solution to a circular problem. I would say I was Agnostic because I don’t care if there is a supreme being or not. Because there are more important things I could do with my mental energy than worry about the existence of a being (or beings) who has seemingly no impact on the world around me. This worked okay even though it took a bit more work to explain.

The other day I did a search on the old Google to see if there was a better answer to my beliefs. There is, and it is a perfect fit. Apatheism.

Basically, I am a spiritual Apatheist. Save your prayers, for they fall on deaf ears if ears they fall on at all. Use instead this energy, to transform the world around you into the paradise you wish to see.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read.


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