Lovecraft Love

I have been reading some H.P. Lovecraft stories for the first time since high school, I loved them then and I love them more now. There is a certain flavor to them, a horror that is not what modern readers would recognize as such. We have become accustomed to certain tones with horror thanks to the influence of King, Straub, Romero, and other masters. While these writers get under your skin Lovecraft’s genius goes deeper, a crawling horror that can only be grasped by thoughtful readers. Not to say I find all of the stories horrifying, some I find intriguing leaving me with a sense of ancient cosmic mystery.

His writing is descriptive and dense, I have heard some accuse him of purple prose. I find his prose no more purple than “Interview with a Vampire” , Then again though, I dislike the term and find it too subjective for use in commenting on literary works. I for one enjoy reading words and immersing myself in the writers vision so the more the merrier.


Currently reading

  • The Man Who Loved Books too Much
  • The Horror in the Museum, H.P. Lovecraft collected short stories volume two

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