February update

Never thought it would be this hard. The words come out sluggishly, creeping like a latex monster from a 50s B-movie. Forcing the words to get them flowing again… so I am writing this update so I can write more….eventually.

Okay, Goals… New eating program has lost me thirteen pounds, it is a great step forward. It will continue to improve as this month I add cutting down on soda to it. I already removed diet soda because I kept reading stuff about how the fake sweetener can make your body gain weight.

Haven’t made any new IRL friends yet, because January, Ohio, ya know?

Did start a new game, using Savage Worlds…  D&D style Fantasy…IN SPACE!

I fought a huge round of depression in January…worst in years. Lasted about three weeks. I am still pulling out of it a little at a time.

It is hard to write this because of the mind goblins. Those little fuckers who sneak up and tell me I suck. Aided by people who make me feel as if my opinion is of lesser value. I try to shield myself from those who would psychologically threaten, attack, or mentally dominate me but it is hard when the blows slip in under your trust. So I put each word down afraid. Nervously, and with great trepidation. always trying not to over think it too much or else I will just sit in a corner and brood.


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