Deep in the heart of rotting bogs and swamps, lay the crumbling ruins of long forgotten citadels. Forgotten by all those who should have remembered and remembered by a few who should not have access to such knowledge. The lords who lived there were an elder race who had mastered the rites of life and death and could remake either into whatever they desired.

The Rangers of The Barrens had been keeping a wary eye on a growing clan of Goblins that operated out of the edge of that gloomy place, when one day the entire group disappeared. The Goblins vanished without a trace and were not heard from again, this was looked at as a blessing so was not deeply investigated.

Over the next few years small hamlets sprung up around the swamp, trading in peat and snake skin. They grew prosperous and the population was swelling, the Rangers patrolled the roads, and all was safe. Until it wasn’t.

When the commander of the Rangers didn’t make his sixth moon check in with the Barons’ court, a knight was sent out with a small group of soldiers. What they found was village after village of dead. All of them bloodless, and rent with scores of cuts. The only trace of the Rangers that was ever found was one of their swords, stuck through the chest of a large goblinoid, pining it to someones kitchen wall.  Upon examination it was concluded that particularly vicious breed of reddish brown Goblin had struck.

The body was taken back to the castle and examined by priests, wizards, wizened soldiers of thousands of campaigns. After much study it was concluded that this was a vampiric Goblin, the Baron dubbed them Hemogoblins. After drafting a new batch of Rangers reinforced by the Order Militant of the church, they resettled the abandoned towns. After years of fighting these things conclusion were drawn.

A Hemogoblin is as large as an Orc, but more compact…shrunken even. They have black eyes capable of seeing in complete darkness as if it were daylight. Their lips are shriveled back giving them a perma-snarl, and exposing a double set of fangs. A starving Hemogoblin is stark white, while one who has fed is a reddish brown color. They feed by cutting a victim and inhaling the victims blood as a mist. No one is sure if this happens from the claws, breath, or some dark magics.

A wounded person in the area of Hemogoblins will draw them like sharks, and once food is found the Hemogoblin can let out a mournful howl that will summon more.

Number appearing 1-10

AC: 1  Hd: 1+3  Thaco: 15  Attacks: 1  Damage: 1d6 (by claw) Special: all damage caused to an opponent is transferred to the Hemogoblin, there is no limit on how many HP can be gained this way


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