Gun, Spell, and Blade Part one

In any RPG you have to ask the question, “what is this game about?” or “what is it that I do  in this game?”  If you answer that question and it isn’t an answer you like then you go back to the drawing board.

With that having been said, what is it that you do in GSB? What is the game about?  The direct answer to that is; ADVENTURE!  The world of GSB isn’t a pre-defined world as much as a tone, a feeling. You make the world, invent the towns and countries and the bad guys.  You make the theme of the stories you tell what ever you wish.  As this goes along I will make up things how I like them but will make no mention of specific cities or villains. If the things I make up don’t interest you, tweek them how you will.

The ONE thing that you must do, is have adventures. Your characters must do things, great things, tell great stories or die trying. So the first thing that you should do is create a Concept.

Concept- It doesn’t have to be long, but it should include any physical descriptors such as race, sex, age etc. It MUST include a back story, a reason your character is adventuring, and goals. This has to be better than “I was bored.”

Race-Mostly you will be humans, normal ol’ humans. The blood is diluted from the days of old but occasionally greatness rises up and new bloodlines may be forged. Humans shoulder the burden of the mistakes of the races alone, while the others hide away from it. So they are a little bitter towards the others still.

Dwarves, but all but a few Dwarves locked themselves into the tunnels in the bones of the world and those that stagger out occasional are warped and twisted little engines of death all hunch backed and broken with mutations and disfigurements. Nothing like the old stories tell of them.  They rave and froth as they come bounding out of holes in the earth, chasing after some ancient evil torn up from the deep rock. After the creature is brutally slain, the little tortured beast will turn its attention to the nearest town and rain down upon it burning and destruction. The wreckage will continue until the Dwarf is put down like a sick animal.  Sightings of normal Dwarves occur, but very rarely and usually only a glimpse.

         Elves- they hide in the center of the Great Forest maintaining it against the blights with the last of their old magics. There they sit inside their great walled city, breathing in the vapours of the waking dream, to cope with their immortality. Failure to deal with the long years of sorrow and guilt bring about “the howling madness” where the only sound the Elf can make is to wail endlessly. The only Elves who leave the dreaming city are dangerous criminals, the mentally unstable, and those who are born with a touch of the ancient wanderlust in their souls. Once an Elf passes the edge of the forest his memories of where the city is located are erased, along with his knowledges and skills, as if she had been born anew.  So outside the forest if you see an Elf it is best you run because either the Elf is; a dangerous criminal, an ancient Elf gone mad, or a young Elf hungry for adventure.

Sex- The world is a harsh place where everyone must pull their own weight to survive. Men and Women are regarded as equals because there is no room for weakness.

Age– adulthood comes early to the land. You are considered an adult at age fifteen and expected to make your own way at that point.

Other description- Add more for fun! Tattoos, scars, and piercings. Maybe a limp or disfigurement to change things up. Work some details into your character and bring it together.


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