Gun, spell, and Blade (GSB 1.5?)

Awhile back I began whipping up a setting that I abandoned, I have given it more thought and decided to redo it.  A complete overhaul and a  merging with another idea of mine. I am going to use the framework of “Searchers of the Unknown” and twist it into something new.

So a quick once over of my idea,

The old ones tell of a time, thousands of cycles ago, when the land was lush and green.  A time when the ancient races lived in the ruins on the hill and the sun shone bright and gold. This was before the ancient races poked the sleeping eye and brought its attention upon us.  We were but slaves then, a simple people.  Though, perhaps, we are still slaves in a way…masterless slaves.”

The races of Elves, Dwarves, and the men of old worked together to harness the power of dormant gods and demons attempting to bind them to their will. They awoke something stronger than they could control and a great war tore the world apart. The entities drew power from the twin suns, aging the closer one and turning the other to a hole in the sky, a hole that still spews forth creatures on occasion.

The old races won, but at great cost. When the army of the sky was broken they fled into caves, the tattered army of the Dwarven empire followed, the Thane ordered the cavern be sealed behind him and Dwarves almost disappeared from the world. The Elves who remained retreated deep into the black and dying forests using what was left of their power to create a pocket of green life, others used magic to leave this physical realm behind entirely, walking the space between worlds. The bloodline of the ancient kings of man, the great and long lived line of heroes,  was broken. It was severed entirely leaving only the normal folk to carry on.  The ancient knowledges almost destroyed, all the sorcerers left empty husks.  But man is nothing if not resilient and rebuilt a civilization on the bones of the old.

The world today is a broken place, sparse trees and dusty planes. There are places where bones are piled up high and deserts that moan in the night. The blood of the fallen entities crystallized and sank into the earth. This blood is mined and used to power homes, steam cars, guns, and just about anything.


So that’s what I have right now. I will work on it some more and put up what I write. As always, thanks for reading drop your thoughts in the comments below, get me on G+ or Facebook.


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