Minimalist Mage

Today I want to return to Searchers of the Unknown (a streamlined way to play  D&D) and add a simple way to use magic in it.  I will go step by step so take a peek at the original to follow along.

The first step is choosing armor, but we will use the old “wizards don’t wear armor” stand by here. Thus they get the no armor option.

Secondly is rolling for Hit Points, since our Wizard is likely to be a more robust Arcanist, more akin to a warmage, that the hit points will remain the same.

Step three is choosing weapons, everyone else can choose three weapons. but because our Mage has spent more time staring into the mystical abyss than training in combat we will let him choose only one and it must either be a small class or a staff.  The staff being a d8 type as opposed to a d4 type will make it a more desirable choice leading to more wizards with sticks… but then that could be why wizard staves are such a popular idea.

Step four-number of attacks, wizards only get one action per round. One spell or one attack.

Step five is also the same,

Then I will add a sixth step, picking spells. You pick two first level spells at character creation. When you have reached level two you may either pick one second level spell or two more first level spells, at third level one third level spell, two second levels, or three first level and so on up through level nine. At level ten plus  you pick one spell from any level each time you advance. (as each spell is mastered new areas of the mind unlock)

spell duration types are – Instant, one combat/scene, or one day.  Effects are one person per level, or one room.

EDIT: I forgot to include how spells are used. A spell can be used once per scene, room, or combat.


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