A Change

Last week I mentioned I was going to talk about the FATE Rpg system, but in the last several days I have had a change of heart in regards to being negative.  All I will say is that I dislike it and am annoyed that (as a Dresden fan) the Dresden Rpg is powered by it. A far better system choice would have been the Unisystem (Witchcraft and Buffy) since Dredens world already closely mirrors the setting of CJ Carella.

I do like Fudge dice though and would love a reason to use them. (hence the love/hate) Maybe I should reread FUDGE and ponder this.

I have been playing a lot of Savage Worlds and while I do love its charms, there has been something bothering me. Something has felt a bit off, like every game/story didn’t feel…real? Weighty? I have trouble articulating a feeling. So far I have run Space Opera, Fantasy, and post apocalypse with it and there have been PC deaths so it isn’t lack of threat. Again though I still like it enough that it will be my go to generic system of choice.

I have a three way tie on which day to post so I think I will do it on Tuesdays. The poll is still up however so opine away. Thanks for reading and considering have a marshmellow blasted day.


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