Around again

I decided I need to start blogging again. Coming soon I am going to blog on a set day of the week, every week. Maybe more stuff in between, but at LEAST once a week. The question is what day? There will be a poll at the end of this or you can drop your thoughts in the comments.

Now on to some meat…and teeth..maybe some bone and gut….errrr now I am hungry.

Anyway, so right! Gaming! Rolling dice and stuff! Awesomeness ensues and is afoot. I am running two games alternately a Savage Worlds post alien war apocalypse and a good old run of AD&D 2E.  I am amazed at how much fun and how easy it is to slide on those old shoes.

I am running the 2E game straight, without my Boneyard rules… just because really. I may try a game with them in the future but who knows. It is set at the very edge of the Elven Empire in their newly established colonies on the coast of a supposedly uninhabited continent. The players are a Thief, a Bard, and a Human Wizard (the groups token Human) right now their story centers on setting up roots and finding their way in the city.

The Savage World game involves a small settlement/city and has been mostly a game of scavenging until lately, as of the most recent events the players are trying to scare of a militia band using a damaged alien war craft. Not sure where this one is going to end up, I keep thinking it’s going to end in tears but so far I have been wrong.

So that’s all for now. A brief update to be sure but next time I will tell you about my love/hate feelings for FATE.

and now, for your polling pleasure, kindly tell me…


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