Playing again


Me- human warrior (second character)

a thief (I think) the players third character

Chaos sorceress the only original surviving character

Game sessions… 2

No names are known, I didn’t bother giving my second character one and it didn’t come up once.

Last night was game night. We were at a cave, we sent in a hired guy to flush out the red skinned goblins (why they have red skin I have no idea) that have some sort of Japanese sounding name I think, not sure as I am used to Asian sounding words being used/muttered around the game table. So, anywho… the things come out, we shoot them, I shoot one of my team mates in the leg (I make a shot in the knee joke which goes not understood by my target) by misfire and play it off as if I meant to do it.

Next batch comes running out and we shoot them again, this time some bigger versions of the little red goblins were mixed in. Not sure what color the bigger goblins were so I assumed red as well in my mind. After all were dead I looted the bodies, The pin cushion limped into the cave and found a demon statue. We went back to the town the goblins ransacked and turned in our job ticket. We got paid and decided to leave the destroyed town. There were no horses (I assume they fled before the carnage as horses are always smarter then people). So we left with a guy (who I thought was an elven chick the whole time because I went pee) whose name I don’t know for reasons I don’t know…he never really spoke the whole trip.

Next town we had a feast, the thief (pin cushion) got robbed, we slept, bought stuff (I got a horse and a Liripip), and went to look at wanted posters.

The most interesting character in the group is the Chaos Sorceress…but that’s just because she is nuts.


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