Macross X

So I decided to set up for the eventual running of a Macross game. I am tossing out the palladium system and replacing it with the interlock system. This means I can use all the cyberpunk style guides (Chromebooks) for the players to spend cash on without extra work. I am  in possession of almost every supplement ever created for cyberpunk so I had a wealth of material to draw from to pull this off.   I used Maximum Metal for the mecha and military background (lifepath).  The players will have access to cyberpunks cyberware, with some exceptions. For instance active military characters would be restricted to non weapon/non lethal implants, mercenaries or other ex-military characters would have no such restrictions.

For setting and tech I decided to reach across the anime and pluck what I like, then propel/blend it a bit. All mecha are going to be controlled via plugs, making them an extension of the pilot. The story will be set on a large planet and its orbit that are heavily contested for by UN Spacy as well as independent warlords, mercenaries,and alien races.  Possibly the rest of the star system if it comes to that. I want to avoid interstellar travel, because that was a little hard to deal with in my Savage Worlds space opera game.

I have most of this worked out, I may need to streamline large weapon damage so handfuls of d10s aren’t necessary. The enemies I have worked up (other than the classic rogue Zentran/Meltran) are going to be called Cthuloids. I go back and forth on using invids as they aren’t strictly Macross canon.

I am calling this game Macross X.



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