It’s 2013

So….resolutions…yeah. Okay I have a few things, goals, that I want to accomplish this year. This is aside from my over arching goal of job independence which is fueled by my paying off what I refer to as my “buyback” (those familiar with the game Justifiers will get this).

What I hope to do is to lose weight. I chubbed out, I am now 285 lbs, and was trying to put on my work slacks and…….well I popped a button. I let myself way go this holiday with tons of fudge, then some fudge, a little rum cake, then some more fudge. Occasionally a cookie slipped in there as well. So no more of that, more watching what I consume and I should be able to get back to my fighting weight.

Another thing I propose to do is start teaching myself to be less defeatist, less prone to letting others influence my mood, and just more relaxed over all. I have been wallowing in negativity so long I can barely see my way out of it. So no more, and if those in my social scene start getting all poopy negative….CUT!  Simply put, I am sick of feeling sick.

Another thing is to start doing stuff. Things that I want to do yet never seem to “get around to”. Wine making is one of those things, so I have some yeast headed my way and plan on starting with some spiced mead and some cranberry wine.

So those are my things, how about yours?


One response to “It’s 2013

  1. I would love for you to feel better, Adam. The other things are just your way of getting there, right? So start making wine, and lessen on the fudge 😉
    Will join you in the fight to lose weight. My remedy is making green smoothies in the morning and taking one with me to work. Plus nuts. After that it is eating normal though.
    Good luck!


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