Putting the cyber into punk

I love Savage Worlds, but there is always a genre that even the best generic system cannot emulate. The genre depends on the system, naturally. I think one of the areas where Savage Worlds falls down is in the cyberpunk genre.  All the conversions I have seen use Edges to distribute cyberwear. If you follow this route you can start with one…maybe two pieces of cybertech. This means if I want a skin watch and a cyber arm I am done….until I get more experienced and suddenly I can have a new one.  What if I have the money to buy an implant? Is the GM to then say no? Come up with some lame excuse? Also isn’t the point of cyberpunk…I dunno….to have cyberwear?

On a similar line of thought, Peter Amthor brought up an interesting point on G+ yesterday. Does a war veteran flip out when they give him a replacement limb? I think lessening the humanity/essence loss might be a good step. I also have a distaste for the thought that wearing cyberwear makes casting magic harder. Most magic systems follow an elemental doctrine, so what in a cyberlimb would detract from that?

On a side thought, I have to say I really dislike abstract monetary systems. You know, having a “Wealth” stat. It is almost a dealbreaker for me, if wealth is important enough to include in the game then give it. The only system I like despite having this set up is Witchcraft (unisystem).


3 responses to “Putting the cyber into punk

  1. I’m about to start running a Cyberpunk game with the setting inspired by Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan comic book series, and I toyed with the idea of Savage Worlds, but when it comes to cyberware I thought; why not just use CP2020? So that’s what i did.

    If I was going to use Savage Worlds, I would probably still use the same shopping books from CP2020 and let the players buy whatever they could afford.


  2. I really would love to run a Cyberpunk game, too, and Savage Worlds is among my favorite games, but alas I am having the same issues. There’s a free supplement for cyberware by Triple Ace Games that takes an interesting approach, but it’s not quite what I was looking for.
    I recently picked up Cyberpunk 2020 and it’s not entirely my cup of tea. So I am looking for some good Cyberpunk rules for SW as well. If you find something, please let me know. 🙂


  3. Well, I made a Cyberware System for Savage Worlds in my Savage Space supplement that is heavily influenced by CP2020. Basically You need a single edge to enable you to wear cyberware, afterwards you buy it as equipment and install it. You use humanity (Spirit) from doing so. You can download it at my Blog if you are interested.


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