Here is a fantasy race I created for my Savage Fantasy campaign. Currently the stories two main characters are an Arath and a Kitsune, Raccoon and Fox persons respectively.  I will post a bit about them on another day.

Marionettes are humanoid constructs made of star metal, gears, and crystals. Some were fashioned to look female and some male and identify thusly. They are not golems (whom the Marionettes view as pets or simple minded cousins) they have personalities and are capable of using magic.  They are left over from a time before an ancient war, who built them or why remains a mystery that may never be solved.

While they don’t age or die the way most races do, every two hundred and fifty years all of their data is erased including their personality. They are thus reborn, learning skills as they go. Some leave information to their reborn selves regarding their past life in the form of books or friends. It is rumored that there is a way to back up the Marionettes personality and that this has been practiced by the wizards to the south.

The secret of creating new Marionettes is believed to be long lost, so the destruction of an an existing one (while hard to do) is a very sad day for the others. Most healers have no idea how to mend one. Only the gnomes seem to have any skill at it, which leads some to speculate the gnomish ancestors had a hand in their creation. Gnomish historians are at a loss as most records from those times were completely destroyed.

A few have had their “lives” magically extended but it was discovered they couldn’t learn much more. For the most part once they reach this point they are happy to just let go. This death/rebirth moment is of great celebration among the community as all manner of friends gather to watch their ally disappear and welcome the new one. Embracing the new Marionette into the fellowship.


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