Mechanical Wastelords


A tabletop mecha war game where the players play one mecha/pilot. They can team up and fight NPCs or take on each other. The giant mechanical suits are synced to the pilot through arcane Biomancy and both get stronger together.

Setting wise this could be anywhere, it could take place on the ruined Earth surface, Mars, another galaxy, or (if you change the weapons a bit) Neo victoriana.

This is based on Searchers of the Unknown and is a complete game in one page. Unplaytested but the system is well seasoned.

Building a Character

1) Choose Armor

Type                     AC                        MV

None                      9                            12

light                     7                              9

medium                5                              6

heavy                    3                              3

Forcefield unit   +1                           -1

2) roll for HP

1d8 per level.

3) Choose weapons

you get three weapons or two weapons and the forcefield option each game. You may trade out after a battle assuming you survive.  If you take two of the same weapon they can be fired simultaneously as one attack (linked weapons) doing twice the dice of damage for twice the ammo depletion.

Weapon                                                                               Damage         Range      Ammo (uses)

Hand weapon(mecha sized swords, axes, Etc.)      1d4                   1       unlimited

power weapon(as above but with an energy field)  1d6                1        unlimited

Laser  (small fixed point laser)                                        1d4                4        unlimited

Guns (Armor piercing anti mecha rounds)                1d8                6            25

Mini-missiles                                                                          1d10              4              4

long range Missile                                                                1d12               12            1

Sniper blaster (a long range high power rifle)          1d10              12            6

4) Number of attacks

One to start plus one every four levels. Each turn you may move and attack, or attack then move.

5) Flesh it out

Give a name to your armor and your pilot, describe your mechas look and colors (IE Tarana is a green and black spider shaped mecha)



1) Initiative

When the game starts each player rolls 1d10 plus their AC. the high score has initiative and everyone goes in descending order

2) Attack

roll 1d20 if you roll under your opponents AC plus your level it’s a hit

3) Damage

After you hit roll your weapons damage dice deduct the result from your opponents Hit points.  If your armor runs out of hit points it shuts down.

4) Surrender

When an armor runs shuts down the pilot can surrender and leave the field. The Articles of War are observed by almost all pilots, and killing a surrendered pilot is an illegal act that puts a bounty on your head.

5) Repair

After the combat is over all lost hit points are recovered as the mecha is repaired.

Other Rules

1)any skilled action is succeeded by rolling 1d20 under your AC+level

2)any natural damage (IE falling, rock slides, etc. cause 1d8 damage)


Players start at level 1 (1 hit die) .  A player receives 100 xp for each hit die a defeated opponent has. To level up you need to collect 2000 times your current level in xp.  When you go up a level you get another hit die. roll a d8 and add it to your hit points.


2 responses to “Mechanical Wastelords

  1. sounds interesting. i may have to check the seekers game if i can get info via net.
    are you planning transformable mechs or is that stepping on another games’s toes?
    neo victorian????? steammech?

    good to see you writing game stuff again.


    • Thanks, it is good to start feeling again. A post or two back I put up a link to the original PDF. It is a very simplified version of D&D that sums your character up in a single line or two.

      Yeah NeoVic would be steammech, transformable type could be done but would add a layer of complexity.


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