Early morning bloggery (3:26 A.M.)

It is Saturday morning and I am getting ready to go to work (the usual). Thought I would drop a post before I went.

Ran across a very stripped down version of D&D the other day called Searchers of the Unknown. both my young kids enjoyed the playing of it and character creation was snap simples. I think it could be lots of fun as it is for a party RPG or flesh it out just a tad and run a quick rad game.

I bought Marvel Heroic Roleplaying a while ago and, with my wife’s help, managed to figure out the basic rules. I remain unconvinced of the systems usability as it has an incredibly high learning curve and seems to thrive off an unnecessarily complex dice rolling method. However my wife says that as she played (a small bit, mind you) it felt like once you understood the rules it would feel like a superhero game.

Lately I have been into a few things I would like to share;

Adventure Time (Cartoon)

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (Novel)

Warehouse 13 (TV show)

Leverage (TV show)


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