In case I haven’t lost you yet, dear reader, I thought I should give a heads up on me.  Lately I have been working the day job, dieting, exercising, and lifting weights (Which at thirty seven feels a whole lot different then it did when I was twenty four).

Most exciting accomplishment is that I have been Nicotine free for over five months now. Getting used to being me without the chemical dependence has been hard. I think the worst has passed.

I have some ideas for stories so I think this fall (*most of the withdrawal brain should be gone by then) I will give a NaNoWriMo run to kick me off and maybe spend the winter writing and reading.

Sadly I have had no new gaming related thoughts this summer, the warm season has been especially warm (hellishly so) and around here seem to fly by in a whirlwind of crazy. A surgery, dental appointments, returning friends, holidays messing up my work schedule and so on, make things chaotic. I am, however, always up to a chat about gaming so if you feel inclined you can look me up on the big social networks.

In conclusion, I am almost back. I almost got through this post without wanting to smoke.

*I know it is largely psychological at this point, but that doesn’t change things.


2 responses to “Hello

  1. gongrats on the 5 months . keep up the good work, though seems you may have an idea from just this short post the urge to smoke when writing is stronger. keep hard candy and gum handy. i know you can beat it(roll that willpower)


    • Thanks,
      Yeah, smoking and writing seem pretty entwined. At this point I figure I have gone to long without to bother starting again.


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