The twins Nym and Nyl rule the realm of shades. Each rules a separate dominion, to Nym is given those who die a peaceful death or are deserving of  mercy.  To Nyl is given those who die a violent death or deserve to die in pain. From this shadowy place they send out their reapers to collect these souls.

Nym’s reapers stand four feet tall and are robed in grey with nothing visible under. They carry a scroll case and wear a bandoleer of silver flasks. The scroll case contains a scroll bearing the name of the soon to be deceased person, and the flasks are for transporting the souls to the realm of shades.

Nyl’s reapers are six foot tall skeletal figures robed in tattered black, with a sheer black veil over the cowl. They bear a  scroll case and carry a scythe studded with amethysts. As with Nym’s the scroll case has the name of the next target, the amethysts house the souls, in this case, after the scythe severs the souls cord.

If you manage to take away the scroll from a reaper it can no longer collect the dying ones soul. However the person doing so would surely find their own name on a scroll or two (or three etc.), but eventually if you were patient and cagey enough you may be able to draw the attention of the twins themselves. You should, at this point, have a damn good reason for doing so.

Nym and Nyl will only appear in person to collect a soul if said person was of great importance (good or evil), or to see the fulfillment of a deal (yes, you can cut a deal with death). Nym appears as a pale dark haired elf maid, and Nyl appears as an eight foot version of his reapers, wearing a silver and iron crown. It is said the twins are lovers as well as siblings, although who can truly know with ageless entities.

With the exception of a few death cults almost no one worships death. That is irrelevant because no one denies that death exists. There is more than one eye witness account of Nyl going off, he once claimed an entire town of souls before the other gods put a stop to him. Nyl has never forgotten this slight and seeks actively to find a way to claim the others immortal lives.

People will often say things such as, “By the twins!” or “The Twins take you!”


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