Next Fantasy religion

After thinking on the elemental concept for a while I realized it was a bit too messy to work with. So I set to work on attempt two. This time I decided to go with a humanization of natural forces, a tactic that was employed by the author Piers Anthony in a series of novels entitled “Incarnations of Immortality”.  I used his ideas as a base only, omitting from my equation a big good or a big bad.  So my pantheon of gods are actual forces given personality.

  • Nyl/Nym (death)
  • Chron (time)
  • Gaya (nature)
  • Moirai (fortune)
  • Vion (war)

Each one controls one or more “small” gods. For instance, death controls Reapers. I will give a full write up to each god as I think of it.


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