Savage Fantasy

My wife (gamer and writer extraordinaire) designed this awesome character sheet for an upcoming game of Savage Worlds. I will wait while you check it out.


Cool ain’t it?

The setting is undefined at this point, all I know is that she wants to play something with a tail. (anthropomorphic animal but not a dog) and that it will be largely urban based magic punk.  I am thinking of a world with two large land masses, one at each pole. Each one taking up about a quarter of the planets surface. The remaining “belt” of water (one half of the surface area) would be dotted with unexplored islands.

There will be a high chance of airships, the tech level will be highly anachronistic. Fun stuff.

basically wanted to show off my ladies’ mad design skills.


4 responses to “Savage Fantasy

  1. Strange, works now, and I did try several times.

    Shiny! Nice and clear and clean. If it was mine I think I would have listed the Skills (there aren’t that many of them and it looks as though you’ve got room for them all anyway) and left more room for Powers – though I’m not sure at the expense of what.

    The cherry on the cake would be if you could fill it in an print it off.

    BTW, where did you get the dice graphic from? I could do with stealing it myself 😉


  2. I’ll answer that two ways.
    Simple answer: I took them off of the SWEX character sheet.

    Complex answer: I selected, copied, and pasted them into my paint program of choice, then filled in the blank areas white (since the background is slightly yellow).

    I basically did the same thing with the exp fill ins, but that involved a lot more “adjusting” than the dice did.


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