Two left Feats

I don’t care for Feats as a character system addition. I think 3.x/Pathfinder did somethings better than the older D&D editions did, like dispensing with THAC0. Yeah, defend it if you want but it is basically just backwards D&D math.

Feats are not one of those things. Once I was raving about this and was thrown for a bit by the comparison to Advantages/disadvantages in other games. I noodled out this morning what I don’t like about them and what the difference is between Feats and Advantages/edges/merits etc.

Most of the early Feats are lame, both in power level and flavor. Certainly you don’t want to give your PCs too much power at low levels, but something extra like that should offer a significant advantage.  The cool Feats don’t appear until you have mastered all of their pre-requisites some of which (given the limited amount of Feats you are granted) take a lot of levels. Some require a certain Base attack bonus be met, which is basically the same as saying there is a level requirement. What this means is that you may have to wait to play the type of character you want. (unless you want to play a grunt).

A merit/flaw system not only allows you to pick what you want (by paying an increased point cost), but offers the choice of giving your hero a flaw or two to make them seem more “human”. Most of these games have systems that regulate the amount of flaws you can take, so you don’t end up with a crippled,blind,deaf,megalomaniac albino…..who can shatter worlds with his penis. Despite the high cost (and thus lower amount) of the more powerful of these, they come with a good, strong effect on the story.

In short I would like fewer, more impacting, Feats. Maybe balanced with a nice flaws system….Hell go and make the whole thing points buy based. It may be the best way to create a new D&D.



One response to “Two left Feats

  1. as long as the world shattering albino penis only has a 1 in handgun BUT no 100% loyal model like replacents….i am good with it


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