Fantastical Religion

I usually avoid the topic of religion when I design or run games, except as backgroud/setting fluff. This is largely because most people (IME) don’t seem to want to play clergy. Also because it can be a bit of a sticky issue when it comes to players with strong religious beliefs, especially with newer players.

So I am now turning my thoughts towards creating different religious beliefs. The first one in my mind is a worship of the four basic elements (or more if you go for the Asian ones). Those faithful to an element, return to that element upon their death. Different ways of life follow different elements. You could communicate with a deceased loved one by travelling to their element and attempting contact.

  • Fire- passion and war
  • Water- Life and secrets
  • Air- Stealth and death
  • Earth- Security and riches

At Least that is my current thinking, I will clean this up at a later date.


4 responses to “Fantastical Religion

  1. I’ve just finished a post on my blog for the 5th of my elemental gods. They are gods of earth, air, fire, water, and time.

    I’ve removed abstracts from their “domains”, and focused on more practical things. Sails (including windmill arms) are of the god of air’s domain. Engineering (clockworks, millworks, and such) are the domain of the god of time. Smithing relies on both fire and earth (iron, steel, etc…)

    When embarking on war, one would pray to many gods:
    Strategy (foresight) Time
    Weather (Air, Water)
    Strength of steel (Earth, Fire)
    Archery (god of plants for the wood, god of animals for the sinews, and god of air for the flight)


  2. Nice ideas here. I’d like to know more about this, once you’ve cleaned it up a bit. I’d assume there are people who devote themselves to one particular element, but what about the common folk? The ‘average joe’ would probably pay tribute to whichever element was appropriate for the situation. For example, a king would pray/pay tribute/etc. to Fire to grant him a victorious battle against a neighboring kingdom, and thank Earth for the spoils and riches of that kingdom, given victory. Then you might have the possibility of those who actively worship all elements. Just some thoughts =)


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