Steampunk Sword Noir

WARNING! Rambling ahead!

Urban based fantasy steampunk with an emphasis on investigation of weird happenings. Down and dirty mingling with high society. Limited armor access, to stuff that doesn’t look “uncivilized” or doesn’t rattle too much.  Character types to be similar to Noir films (femme fatale, Private dick, mobsters,ex city watch,returned soldiers etc.)

There will have to be a war  (as both steam-punk and Noir use war as a back drop as tropes often). I think my Steam Elves will be a good fit here. Magic use requires licencing as does carrying anything larger than a dagger.

Groups and organizations, I have ideas like bowler hat wearing wizards, a drug smuggling/mob group known as The Khartel. more to come. I am aiming for some bad craziness. (paratrooping goblins, clockwork innkeepers, Kung-fu orcs, wheeee)


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