Gun, Spell, and Blade.

This is the working title of a new idea. Something to utilize the free system I gave everyone a peek at awhile back. Still working out the idea I was banging into, but I have some neat thoughts.

Below is some of the text I am molding. Like clay…but not clay. More like word dough.

In the desolation of the shattered world, demons hold dominion over the lands of mortal men. Beings of immense power from beyond The Veil have crossed an untold number of dimensions for many purposes. Some mundane, some that surpass the cognition of mortal men, and others no sane man would want to know.The setting of Gun, Spell, and Blade can be overlaid on any existing fantasy setting or be a new one of your devising. Something occurs that triggers a mass immigration of other worldly beings, some mighty and some weak. The arrival of these beings cause great upheavals in geography and the use of magic. It also causes a war which mortals and their gods lose thus placing control in the hands of these beings. Each greater being that rips through brings with them others from their realm whether as soldiers and servants or just lesser creatures slipping through.

This cataclysm can alter whichever world you are using as you see fit. If the world had Elves and Dwarves before than they can still be there, or not, or changed, whichever works best for your group. If you are making this world up then you can decide which races exist or don’t.

A spell cast is no longer predictable. The presence of such powerful entities, the gaping holes left from their entry create powerful fluctuations in the flow of magic. A caster never knows whether a spell will work, fizzle out, backfire, be stronger, or be weaker until after it is cast.

Pre-occupation enchanted items function normally until their magic is exhausted, then they are simply normal items. (albeit ones of exceptional workmanship). Divine magic doesn’t work at all as there are no gods to hear the pleas of their faithful. The demons can grant spell like effects to those who prove themselves worthy (IE spineless lackeys), but those are one or two abilities only (that can be used as much as the player likes until the demon has had enough and removes it.)

Magic items created post occupation are either equipment brought over by the demons or created by binding a weaker demon to an item.

Occupation resistance. Most of the entities don’t care one way or the other about the mortal creatures who live in their new home. As the environment of each demons realm is changed to suit their desired living conditions the indigenous life dies off and is replaced by things from their nightmare realms. Mortal things are either left to their own devices or enslaved to work until they die as each being sees fit. Some enterprising mortals learned how to bind the lesser minions to inanimate objects using them to fight against their former masters. Some of these creatures are barely cognizant.

Thinking about binding demons to “fire-arms” to make them work. Each demon grants a spell like effect (IE fireball or sleep) or a more powerful demon could grant multiple powers at the risk of raising the guns intelligence. a gun can only hold as many demons/spell effects as it has cylinders,  it could have from 1-6 cylinders.

Swords (and other weapons) would be enchanted in a similar manner, but each demon/effect would have to have a place to reside until called upon, a gem set in the pommel would be good. Runes wouldn’t work to hold demons in a weapon but could serve to strengthen the weapon.

Sorcerers have to possess something for their demons to be restrained in while not being used, Staff with gem, or a crystal set into their heads…maybe the demon could reside in the tissue of the sorcerer and appear as heavy black tattoos.

So there are some ideas I am noodling out, feel free to give ideas if you feel like it.


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