Infera-Origins and setting part one

“This is the City. The city you see is the same as I see, I just see more deeply. Where you sense danger and steer clear, I sense opportunity and plunge in. When you look at me you see a young woman, pretty and fit. In a social setting you might buy me a drink, maybe ask me out. When I look in my mirror I see the same thing, but I can also see what lies beneath.”  —-The Infera—

The world has discovered demons, entities of unknown origins that can be brought forth by those with the training and the gift. Summoned into specially prepared containment units, they are the new renewable energy and sorcerers are the masters of this power source. When you turn on a light, an imprisoned demon expends a minuscule fragment of its essence to make it happen. No, your fridge doesn’t have a demon inside it. That’s like each appliance having its own nuclear battery. They store the demons in special power plants and send the energy by wire to your home. Such a safe and environmentally friendly energy has made Earth a paradise.

Or course, like any power, there are a few safety concerns. But never fear! The best Sorcerers we can find attend special classes and over see every step of the process. In the rare chance of a containment breech you can find information on what to do in your emergency  manual.”——Radio Advertisement—–

“There are two classifications of demons. Those that we use to heat our homes is what we refer to most often. These are weak willed entities willing to serve without much effort on our part. Of course this raises some “ethical” questions among those who are uneducated, who like to decry it as “slavery”. To put that to rest for you, I have two things to say. The first is that they are definitively not sentient as we would recognize, the second is that even if they were sentient, they are happy to simply be on Earth…. any questions?  Oh, yes, the second type we refer to as Daemons….Don’t mess with them.”—Intro to demonology class—

“There was a small containment breech today at the Norshocton facility, the demons were quickly contanined with minimal effort and damage thanks to great efforts on the part of the local authorities. Next up, the Craneworth Lions scored a run in the bottom half of the ninth……” —News report—

“When we entered Norshocton Middle School it was like walking into a nightmare. The teachers were hung…some by their guts…from the ceiling. They <gasping choking sound> sorry, they were still lecturing. We swept the building as the EMTs took down….I don’t know, bodies? Anyway <erratic heavy breathing> The kids? Yeah we found them. They had assembled in the lunch room and were building something….no I don’t know what it was, big , square, made of tables and chairs. When we entered they turned around… their eyes, glowing and black? then normal. they were confused, it became a mass of crying panicking children. <deep breath, long pause> Yeah so that’s it. I am gonna go to Murphys’ and have a drink.“—Officer Edlebrook, Norshocton PD tape recorded report—-

“A local man, police officer, and hero was found dead this morning in his apartment. Anthony Edlebrook suffered a brain aneurysm in his sleep last night. He is survived by his parents and his fiance. Calling hours are…..”                                                        —-Front page, Noshocton Gazette—-


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