The land of Avernus is a realm in its last death throws. Eons ago the intelligent races had plundered the resources of the world. Taking ores and minerals to build and run their mighty war machines, stripping forests bare to build their homes. Ultimately leaving nothing but vast expanses of ruined land as their legacy. There are none living now who remember their names well enough to even curse them.

The balance of the world was damaged to the very brink of termination. The gods turned their backs on them and went away leaving only their foul cousins to rule Avernus. Demon kind now walks the world and rules their wasting human cattle with and iron fist. With the gods gone and the balance so destroyed, the natural magic and miracles ceased to function as they used to. Demons are now the sole gifters of power and they do not share power easily. The forces of hate and pain have won.

The seas have shrunk to lakes, the lakes to ponds, and ponds to pools with water so befouled it kills what it touches. The ground rumbles and shakes with ever increasing frequency, volcanoes spray molten rock from deep below the surface. The mines have run dry, and mortals now scavenge to exist.

However, deep inside of some there is a hero waiting to be born. While most have given up hope, or turned to their new dark masters for salvation, some still believe they can set things right. Magic has been dealt a serious blow but it is still there for those who can figure out how it works. The weapons of war lay scattered about as wreckage waiting for a mechanically inclined being to repair them.  There are still a few items of power whose magic wasn’t used up, deeply buried or hidden from mortal eyes.

Enclaves of like minded, would be heroes, have sprung up. They scour ancient ruins for scraps of enchantments, for information on what went wrong. They quest for a way to salvage their dying realm while avoiding the watchful eyes of their overlords. Their weapons are rebuilt and reforged weapons of old, their forges are fueled by hell fire.

Allies can be found among their would be enslavers, as not all demons see eye to eye. Some of the Hellborn do not like being trapped on such a miserable world. Here, they may be killed by mortal hands and, with no where else to go, their essence remains trapped.

Perhaps this world can be saved, or maybe a new world can be found.


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