The Vampire Court

“Within these walls I am considered something of a curiosity. The only living resident not given the “gift” of The mistress. There was a gift given, however, a ring set with a fragment of black stone. This gift has two benefits, the first allows me to remain unchanged inside this realm, the second is that it keeps my neck safe from those bloody Barons on high. While speculation rages on within the Vampiric Courts about this gifts meaning, I assure you that nothing more then a few tales have passed between me and the Lady Urintei.

I am aged on this day one hundred and thirty one years and yet have all the functions of a normal man. I can only speculate that the energies of this place, while held at bay by the magic of my ring, still manage to prolong my life. Nor does exiting this land cause me to revert to my natural aging processes. As long as the ring is near I remain untouched by age or undeath.

This ability could give the Lady many uses for me, but she is content to let me run my leather working shop. At least for now. Before coming here I ran a tavern, but since there were few uses for drink or food here I had to rely on a fall back skill.”

Within Urbe Mortuus there are nine vampire families, known collectively as “the Bloody Barons”. They run Lady Urintei’s armies and govern over small matters. When the Lady goes out the highest in her favor is installed as temporary ruler so there night to night activities mostly involve doing things to elevate themselves while degenerating the standing of the other eight.

They constantly seek a way to seize power from her in a way that won’t compromise their rather easy life style. So far they haven’t succeeded in finding a way, and Lady Urintei knows about both these things and finds the whole affair rather droll.

The vampires need for blood is satiated by regular shipments of mystically preserved blood that is part of the deal with the surrounding kingdoms. This blood is distributed to the vampire households at a cost, the monies received go to fill the coffers of Urbe Mortuus.

Due to the strange effects of the magic the vampires in Urbe Mortuus cannot create another vampire. No one, Not even the Black Goddess herself it seems, gets to choose what form their return from the grave takes. When a new undead rises every Vampire has their agents afield in hopes they rise as a vampire so they can sway the fledgling into their house. Occasionally a resident may change types based on their actions, the Barons are quick to swoop up any who show promise of vampirism. Also, when a mortal visitor of noble lineage comes to visit the nine families will fawn over them giving lavish gifts. Each gift greater than the last in hopes that should something tragic befall them they will join the “right” family.

The Barons see themselves as the rightful rulers of all the damned that dwell here, and as such better than the rest. More than one arrogant vampire has met their final death at the hands of the Liche.




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