The “Villages” of Caervold

The Villages are demi-human ghettos. They were built based on human misconceptions of what each race would find comfortable. The human sections of Caervold are eclectic, fashioned too each humans particular tastes while blanket assumptions about each race were made during the construction of the villages. This attempt to make each race happy (sedate & mollified)  resulted in a slap in the face with the stereotype stick.

Dwarf Village- The Dwarf Village is entirely interconnected with above ground stonework tunnels. at each entrance/exit there are guardian statues carved into the artists vision of a Dwarf. These crude statues are chubby and cheerful, wearing leather smiths aprons and conical hats. Various reliefs along the tunnels were carved by the same artist. They feature other images such as Dwarven parents cradling a rock in swaddling clothes, training badgers to do tricks, and grooming each other (in the style of monkeys picking fleas). these statues have been largely defaced by the Dwarves.

The interior of these tunnels and building have been extensively remodeled over the years with walls between buildings knocked down and ground level tunnels have had their bottoms scrapped out forming a keyhole shaped road way. Deeper in this warren of tunnels new artwork has been crafted. The Dwarves have made it their own.

The outlying tunnels are almost too narrow to allow Humans to enter so those humans who venture in don’t usually go very far. If they did they would discover that the interior tunnels widen out big enough to allow carts to pass side by side and massive buildings hosting a wide variety of businesses and shops all operating without sanction.


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