The Crowns- a Human gang

There are only two requirements to joining The Crowns. First, you must be Human and second, you must pay an annual membership fee of one thousand crowns.  They meet in private clubs to boast and brag in a setting reminiscent of a hunting club.  These posh clubhouses are filled with the best amenities and services money can buy.

The membership of The Crowns is drawn from bored rich kids.  In fact joining the crowns while in your last years of formal education is considered a right of passage among the privileged elite. Many former members have gone on to positions of great power and importance in the city.  Past membership can serve as a little grease on the political wheels for those aspiring to higher office. The Crowns have the best training, access to whatever equipment, arms, and armor  they want. The gang leaders are chosen based on several factors

  1. Wealth- those with the most money make the rules
  2. Experience- The longer you have been a member the more practical knowledge you have
  3. Training- Youth who are training to be officers know tactics and the art of war.

The gang is typically organised into units of five or multiples thereof. Each unit contains one wizard, two warriors, one ranged, and one scout.  If the unit contains ten then each type doubles. The leader can be any one of these types, it is also mandated that each unit contains one person trained in healing. This is the standard, however on occasion units will be assembled to fit a particular prey.

The Crowns don’t fight for money, or turf, they fight for prestige and trophies. An attractive Elven concubine (once rendered sterile by magic),or  a piece of Dwarven craftsmanship both make for good examples. They tend to stay clear of more grisly items unless particularly blood thirsty as that would tend to work against prestige. Your actions while hunting will earn you a nickname, this name will eventually be the one that other members know you by. For example a wizard named Genivieve that gets hit with arrows habitually might become known as “Genny six pins”.

Conflict between clubs is discourage except for in special tournaments, and of course when hunting….well accidents happen. With that said however, pranks, political backstabbing, and general one-upsmanship are the rule. Arguments between members is resolved by a hearing with the five most experienced members sitting in judgement.

The gangs heraldry is a stylized crown with an actual gold coin in the center. There is a number displayed on one face of the coin indicating the years of service, with a falcon on the other. this coin is enchanted to ensure it is genuine and not a forgery and is kept by the member even when they leave active service. It is this coin that will always allow them access to the gangs private clubs. Losing this coin means losing membership, finding anothers coin or taking it from them either by stealth or combat means that the coins original possessor counts as one of your kills. If the person who lost the coin wants it back they have to go to the winners club and ask for it, at which point a massive hazing begins.


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