Boneweire, Another Caervold street gang

The Boneweire could almost be more a cult than a street gang.  This Elven gang is led by mysterious robed figures who have turned to what Elves once considered the blackest of magical arts, Necromancy. Dark times call for dark gods however, and these Elves have turned to the worship of death. This practice is not the blind necromancy of human mages however, Their magic is guided by the hand of the Elven angel of death. This gives the priest-magi complete control over the gate between life and death.

With this magic they can keep healing, regrowing limbs, and regenerating eyes. Once the gang members can no longer be brought back in life, they continue to serve in death. Using their enhanced arts, the ritually cleansed bones of the gang members are fused with their Elven souls. This results in animated bones that still contain memories and are capable of critical thinking. It is rumored that all of the robed figures are liches, sacrificing their flesh to bridge the gap between this world and the next. The creation of zombies is never practiced in this manner save for punishment for betraying the gang.  A zombie thus created would feel the pain of its flesh rotting ever so slowly, driving the person mad. These mad ones are forced to serve as well, compelled by the promise of deaths sweet kiss.

They practice a form of ritual tattooing that allows the colors to permeate their skeletons, so that even in undeath their deeds are known and they can be identified on sight. The dead continue to decorate themselves, placing jewels in empty eye sockets, gilding sections of their bones in silver and gold, and attaching the hair of slain enemies on their skulls. A member who has breen brought back in such a manner is revered by the others as it means they have given the ultimate gift to the cause.

What is the cause? This is unknown to anyone including the gang members themselves. Only the robed lords of death know for certain. What is known is that they go out by night and strike targets for goods, money, and slaves for trade. They use the vast network of sewers and other subterranean tunnels to travel anywhere without restriction. It is thought they they also call these tunnels home and that this is the largest gang in all of Caervold.

They fight with sword and daggers, bony fingers tipped with sharpened Elven steel. The undead gang members are relentless and, near as anyone can tell, indestructible.  If defeated the bones will rise again the following night and will hunt its slayer down.

The authorities do little to stop their excursions, not that they could really do much. It has even been rumored that the robed ones have been seen in the guild headquarters. these are unsubstantiated as those who spread these rumors are never heard from again. It does seem however that the guildmasters have lived very long, healthy lives.


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