Axe Devils, a Caervold street gang

The Axe Devils are a Halfling street gang that employ intricately carved and engraved hatchets in their turf wars. A member of the gang earns his first axe only after years of service, a harrowing initiation(the details of which are kept a secret), and the murder of his first Human.  The second axe he must earn by killing a fellow gang member in ritual combat and claiming theirs. An Axe Devil with two hatchets is not to be underestimated.

These Halflings are ruthless, stealthy, cold blooded killers. They can throw their axes with deadly accuracy, and blinding speed. They wear gang uniforms of grey leather suits and masks. The mask are fashioned into leering demonic visages.

In day to day life they are normal members of their villages. When a human stumbles into their area, lost or looking for sport, they are robbed and beaten. If the Human carries any sort of weapon they will be found floating in the river the next morning.

The gangs heraldry is twin crossed hatchets, this image is Tattooed on their chests and chiseled into buildings. They do not accost any fellow denizens of their village, unless they are from a rival gang who has wandered into their turf. Nor will they cross blades with Elves or Dwarves unless provoked. By this same token they will lend neither group any aid.

They do occasionally make forays into Caervold proper to loot, and make deals with black market Humans for things the village needs.


4 responses to “Axe Devils, a Caervold street gang

    • Thanks John 🙂 I always try to make things as reusable as possible. I also like to hear what others do with the stuff I come up with. One idea can lead to a chain of ideas, one of the many great things about this hobby.


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