First some distinctions;
A Demi-human is a being of any race other than human.
Citizen- to become a citizen requires you meet at least one of the requirements below;
  • 1)to be a guilded human adult.
  • 2)purchase or rent a residence.
  • 3)to serve in the cities armed forces-either as a guard or as military.
The over-all tech level of Caervold is anachronistic. Fire-arms are rare but exist, pocket watches are common, personal communication is available through small crystal globes, and the streets are lit by enchanted street lamps. There is public transportation in the form of subways, even though travelling by subway incurs the risk of a Goblinoid attack. Much of what we know is replicated through the use of magic.
The city of Caervold is a large affluent city built around a lake. Four rivers flow in and out of this lake and serve to divide the sprawling city into regions. The heart of the city is seated on the island, this center is where all of the guild headquarters are located, and where the cities most affluent citizens live . A single massive bridge leads to the cities center and is capable of being detached from the island.
Caervold is ruled by a council comprised of guild leaders. They make all the laws and regulations for the citizens
city council comprised of guild leaders. With this being said, it is not surprising that the guilds are all powerful. All businesses belong to a guild and pay yearly fees in addition to their taxes, not belonging to a guild is illegal and punishable by whatever sentence the council sees fit to hand out. Demi-humans are not permitted to join any guilds, but may work for them at half the pay of guilded members (Humans).
Each of the cities regions is dominated by a race, the largest region is Human dominated. Elves and half-elves are lumped together in another one. Dwarves are given another, as are Halflings. These regions are considered part of the city, but only the human section receives public services. To separate the Demi-human areas they are referred to as “Villages”.  The Villages still pay taxes and are subject to the laws of Caervold, even if the city guard very rarely goes into the Villages.  A Demi-human may travel between villages and even into Caervold Proper (as the human section is called), but only if they have the proper papers stating their business and length of stay. Papers may be gotten from the council for a fee and require a Human sponsor to file them. They may NOT enter the heart of Caervold without a city guard escort. (usually under arrest). When in Caervold proper,  Demi-humans must only use facilities and areas marked for Demi-human use.
Any citizen may carry a melee weapon openly, in fact it is considered a mark of status to bear a blade, even if one does not know how to use it. drawing a weapon in public, however, is considered illegal unless it is done in self defense. Punishment for Human offenders is usually a light fine. If a Demi-human is caught carrying any sort of weapon they may be killed on the spot, at the sole discretion of the guardsman on the scene.
Demi-humans are not allowed to possess land, or property. They may rent from humans who own buildings in the Villages, or they may squat in an abandoned building. A shop-owner in a Village rents the building from a Human and buys his goods from a Human at a high mark-up.
In Caervold Proper there is a public education system, compulsory until age twelve. At which time the child joins a guild as an apprentice or enters military service as an auxiliary (fetching arrows, cleaning and sharpening weapons, etc.. In her education a child will learn the basics of reading, history, and mathematics. She will pick a guild based on her aptitude and interest. This assures the child of a source of income (and thus taxes for the city) when she comes of age.
In the Villages children are taught by their parents, or in informal groups by rogue scholars. This education only lasts a few years before the young are required to get a job or are sold off to the military. The life expectancy of a Demi-human in the military is low. The only jobs are working for the guilds or for small independent shop keepers.
So there is a basic overview of life in the city of Caervold, let me know any thoughts or things you would like to see me highlight in another post.

2 responses to “Caervold

  1. Depends on where the players would want to take it, and what they wanted to play. It could be a game of inner guild conflict, or of mean street level violence. In the Villages there would be gangs…a gang of elves, all tatted up and bearing daggers. making money the best way society lets them and sticking it (literally) to the man.


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