Reservoir Elves

Sometimes I get an image in my mind that amuses me. Sometimes in a chuckle way, sometimes in a wow that is cool way, and occasionally both. In the both category today is the iconic scene from Reservoir Dogs where the group is walking in slow-mo down the road. In my mind the characters are replaced by fantasy races. Immediately I peg Mr. Blonde as an Elf and Joe as a Troll. I also picture Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi) as a Halfling.

I always thought the general idea of this film would make a great game scenario, albeit a short one. Then I remember…oh yeah it turns into a bloodbath. You would have to tinker with the original story or it could be a great Playset for Fiasco where character attachment is limited.

Take the premise of the film, time warp it back to 50s America, and inject fantasy races. The soundtrack would change to Frank Sinatra and other jazz/swing artists.  Or just take the premise and cram it into your regular fantasy game, as long as your players have characters with a moral grey area you could work it.

So, what kind of characters would you use to replace the Reservoir Dogs characters? I am not sure about Mr. Orange for instance…maybe make him the only human in the group?


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