Tell me about your character.

No, really I want to know. This is my challenge to anyone who stumbles on this blog. The only rules are below, you can be as brief or as long as you want. The idea is to make a character without all the trappings of a system.

What I want to see- An original character, any genre…. even a mixed genre. That’s right just make something up that you would like to play in a RPG. You could even mash-up different sources for this.

What I don’t want to see-  stats, rankings, or numbers of any sort (excepting age perhaps although you could boil that down to young, old, and so on ).


So, tell me about Your  character. drop it in the comments section below, I can’t wait to see what you awesome folks come up with.


5 responses to “Tell me about your character.

  1. Rogar, prince of the Gorani “people”, first encountered humans when his transport ship was forced to dock on one of their space station after taking heavy damage from a fight that broke out in a nearby sector.
    The Gorani are a race of hyper-intelligent, technologically advanced, aliens that resemble 4-armed silverback gorillas. The humans of Odin (the space station) had a hard time adjusting to Rogar when they first encountered him, and some still outright hate or fear him for what he is. He is now a part of Odin’s engineering crew, and spends most of his time running his lab.


  2. Bhagirou Hatti is an elderly, witch-doctor, from the jungles of Gowandia. He was forced to flee his homeland, following the rise of a snake worshipping cult.

    His travels took him north, to the lands of the white skinned people. Over time, he made friends within this foreign land. He now travels with a band of trusted allies, calling upon the spirits of his ancestors to heal wounds and strike out at his foes.


    • Nice to see something that sounds appropriate to a fantasy milieu, that isn’t all medieval “white bread” or that rips from Tolkien to heavily.


  3. Jack was born in Auckland, NZ. His father was a hard man, who loved his family, but didn’t tolerate much in the way of argument. When Jack came out as gay in high school, his father threw him out of his house.

    Jack was extremely bright. Like, off the charts bright. And extremely charming. He rapidly moved from “homeless runaway teen” to “successful con artist.” He also had a head for business, and invested his ill-gotten gains well. Unfortunately, his luck turned when one of his business partners got snatched by the authorities, and Jack ended up in jail.

    He was rescued from a lifetime of incarceration, though, by a mysterious organization known as the Archer Foundation. They were essentially mercenary spies, working to keep the world safe from itself. He was given a new identity, under the condition that he use his criminal mind to benefit mankind. The move from con artist to spy was an easy one, even though it meant giving up one prison for another.

    Jack (his codename actually, a reference to “jack of all trades”) is one of those rare people who can literally accomplish anything he sets his mind to. He is an extremely successful businessman, an expert forger, a wide-ranging linguist, an exceptional driver, and a pretty fair shot with a pistol. Due to the limitations of time, he has only mastered a few of these skills, but his range is invaluable.


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