The Strange and the Modular

When I set about designing the system for Hounds of G.O.D. I wanted something that was “modular”. What I mean by that is a system that you can add sub-systems to without stretching or breaking it.  The XxX system is what I came up with.

XxX stood for Ten by Ten when I conceived of it, which meant attributes and skills were both ranked by a one to ten scale and the dice involved were to be D10’s. The very, very, basic XxX is a dice pool system where the pool is your attribute (indicating your raw potential) and your difficulty is your skill level (indicating training) roll under.

Looking at it now,  I realize even that is modular in that any die type and number could be used. Say you don’t like ten sided dice, you could say the X stands for D6 and then you would have a six sided dice pool and attributes and skills rated one to six.

Okay, so I keep saying modular (hell it’s even in the title) what exactly does that mean? Well lets say you wanted to add something that measures a characters fame (or infamy). we give a character a Fame rating on a scale from one to whatever die type is being used (1-10 if D10’s, 1-6 if D6’s, etc.) in this case the characters Fame is a pool of the appropriate die type, the difficulty being set by whatever skill (or even other attribute) has made the character famous. Let’s say Jane is gained some reputation for being a good shot, she rolls a number of dice equal to her Fame versus her firearms (or shooting or handgun…) each die that shows a number less then her skill is a success. If successful then some recognizes her. (Oh Sh** it’s Jane! Run!”)

You could go on to add whatever little extras that you need to make your game as fun and as genre appropriate as you feel it should be. Without worrying about whether or not you have unbalanced the game.  You can add as many skills or attributes as you like or take them away.

Hounds of G.O.D. for instance uses a Control rating to determine if your Genome Operative has gone feral or not.

That’s all for now, If you have any questions drop them in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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