Mechanical Tinkerings

Today I thought I would share with you what I have been playing with, and give you a general update as to what I have been doing.  Basically I have decided to do a small print run of Hounds of G.O.D. as soon as the game has sold enough PDF copies to warrant it. While waiting for it to sell I have been working on another RPG, living up to my personal pledge (to write at least five hundred words of fiction a day), and tinkering with system mechanics for a fantasy RPG that I would like to play.

Basically the system I am toying with is currently Attribute+skill+1d20, although I have been pondering just removing skills entirely and replacing them with a more abstract qualities system.

instead of hit points it has wound boxes and wound levels;

Bruised {} {} {} {} {}  (-0)
Bloodied {} {} {} {} {} (-1)
Battered {} {} {} {} {} (-2)
Deadly {} {} {} {} {}  (-3)

The negatives behind the wound level is the modifier for your skills at each stage of injury. You will notice that the total wound boxes equal out to only  twenty. Quite intentionally lethal as I prefer a system that doesn’t allow combat to become a bogged down grind.

In my opinion combat and bloodshed has its place, but it should not come between the characters and their stories. Plus in a low fantasy world, drawing a weapon should not be taken lightly.

As always- input, thoughts, and criticisms are wholly welcomed.


One response to “Mechanical Tinkerings

  1. I like the idea of abstract qualities, but it would depend on the game, and what you want the players to get out of the system and the setting. If the d20+attribute+skill gets the job done, go for it.
    I like your idea for combat. Whatever the final product is, you can be sure I’ll check it out 😉


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