Tinker me this 2- Retinkered

Did some more work on the previous post.  I am looking to add some more destinies and add some more description, any suggestions will be welcomed.
Something has placed a curse on you, nothing goes your way. If you roll a one during any short of die roll, the worst possible thing happens. This won’t lead to your characters death unless it is unavoidable.
You are afflicted with a horrifying disease and seek a cure.  This disease will kill you at the end of the saga if you are the last group member to fulfill your destiny. (-4 to any attribute the player chooses, representing the disease. IE Leprosy would induce a -4 to Charm)
You have been transformed into another shape.  An animal, sword, ring, another sex for example.  You suffer all the limitations and benefits inherent to that form.
You are being followed by a spirit that whispers in your ear, occasionally compelling you to do things to fulfil its needs.  Roll a will save, if it fails you must do what the voices tell you to.
You are the heir to a kingdom or position of power that you are avoiding
You are the hand of a powerful supernatural agency, a god or a demon.
Your growth in power will lead to the arrival of a cataclysm,
You carry a physical item that is not yours and must ultimately be returned or destroyed

2 responses to “Tinker me this 2- Retinkered

  1. Still wanting to play a hyper-intelligent 4-armed space monkey.. He’ll be the herald of destruction for earth =)


    • If you ever are around to game, you can have your four armed space monkey. He may instead be the herald of destruction for planet Bananaran Four. 😀


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